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"STEPS through Erasmus+" project has been the outcome of the strategic planning made by the 3rd Primary School of Zografou teaching staff following a self-assessment procedure. Collaboration and discussions on the issue have been triggered by our common desire to improve by tracing our weaknesses and focusing our strengths onto the planning of specific actions and recruiting all school stakeholders, either individually or on collective level. Our ultimate goal is to cause a holistic reaction to our deficiencies in order to end up with a high quality and open to local community school institution.

Aiming at this, a dynamic group of teachers guided by an inspiring administration, all of whom are inclined to life long learning, managed to trace the school's problematic areas and plan actions towards their cure: relations and communication quality among the human resources of our institution, the lack of love and respect on behalf of our pupils towards the school premises which has been recorded through a series of vandal acts and damages in the school building, the improvement and enrichment of the didactic methods and tools used, the extension of our collaboration endeavours within and outside our community boundaries so that we can make our pupils love their school again for its role as education provider as well.
All our remarks seemed to conclude to the need for a climate and ethos change. Thus, we came up with a two-fold action plan which comprises job shadowing mobilities to schools which hold the expertise along with in-service training.
During our visits to the partner schools we aim at exchanging knowledge and experiences, taking up an active role in the school life of the host units (by delivering lessons, presenting our historic and cultural background, planning future strategic partnerships) and focusing on the list of criteria for assessment and critical comparison which will be prepared prior to the mobilities. These reciprocal actions will be supported and reinforced through the use of the eTwinning platform and teleconferences during our job shadowing and training periods abroad. This is also meant to sustain our links to our own school community even when being away from it. We definitely plan to spread all gained knowledge and tool, the know how, to all interested parts (members of the co-housed school teaching staff, colleagues from our school district) by uploading them to open educational platforms. By doing so, we intend to maximize the impact, accomplish the widest possible dissemination of results and move on to the formation of new and more challenging partnerships which will add the European dimension to our institution.
Finally, we hope that the greater impact we get the more continuous our efforts to beat our weaknesses will be and therefore the sustainability of our organisation will be safeguarded and the ever changing needs of our learners will be more successfully met.

View our presentation of the project at the 1st Conference on Methodologies and Policies on school based training and professional development, held at the University of the Peloponnese on 20-22 February 2015